It is necessary for companies to invest in productivity tools

The lack of systems that facilitate and speed up the response of a company in a competitive market is not only a factor that influences negatively its development and survival, it also results in a reflection of the country's low competitiveness.
According to the figures of the Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Mexico has fallen in the last 10 years 24 positions in its level of competitiveness located at level 66 within a spectrum of 134 countries being the low level of investment that Mexican entrepreneurs do in IT, one of the main reasons."Productivity is a determining factor in the international competitiveness of a country and should be understood as the improvement of production capacity".

One way in which the company seeks to eliminate risks is through technology that optimizes the management of the life cycle of a product, which increases the capacity for innovation, strengthens the production process and reduces times of creation and management of its intellectual capital.
For this, we offer the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system through an agreement with the ARAS firm whose purpose is to increase the competitiveness index of our country, mainly in the Operations and Strategies category of the SME and Mypimes companies.
"What we want is for good ideas to have a clear and well-organized way that allows different industries to start and flourish new products through correct and profitable execution."

According to our vision, any Mexican company that designs products and faces a local and even global competition, and wishes to improve its productivity and competitiveness, "must have scientific and technological development strategies, and increase its investments in research and development, and The PLM technology we offer can help you meet those goals."
We offer specialized solutions for all types of production, but there are other markets such as construction and general manufacturing, food, which we plan to explore and strengthen.

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